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RoboTech Labs has a sole purpose of integrating real world ideas with the latest in technology. It aims to bring relatively newer frontiers of science and technology to its customers. With this ambitious endeavour, a team of few Technocrats, India formed what has now transpired into RoboTech Labs.



We urge you to participate in this event. Download the rule book from below.

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Ever imagine to see a world with all those cumbersome daily life processes, just a single click away from you. The world in which you are the choir master of everything around you and controls all the things with the movement of your hands. The world is shrinking and is coming into the palm of our hand, where our every command is a wish to be made true by this magical wand in our grasp, & where nothing is impossible nor out of our reach, but right here made available to us. Internet of things is the answer of all your curiosity. IoT is a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, sensors etc. and these things gets interconnected to produce some of the comfort enhancing effects. From the doors of your room to the controls of an air craft, everything will be controlled by the internet. Internet of things is the fastest rising industry. With ever increasing rise in the electronics industry, the scientists believe that around 26 billion devices will be on Internet of things by 2020. CONTACT US Feel free, if you have any doubt. Clear that query you are having for weeks. Your Name Email Address Message