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i3indya Technologies (An i3indya Group Company) with its foundation pillars as Innovation, Information and Intelligence is a Technical Training​ ​Service Company for School, Colleges, Corporate and Government Sector. i3indya™ was started by a group of entrepreneurs with a sole mission of establishing a dedicated Research & Development Cell and bringing the findings to the benefit of budding Engineers. Little did they know that their efforts will bring an enormous change in the world of technology & training.



We urge you to participate in this event. Download the rule book from below.

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Criminal is what they say, but still a Hacker is a master of his environment and his domain. He Understands, in an intimate depth, about the world he is in, the computer he is on or the servers and the workstation he “speaks” to and “speaks” to him, not just the GUI and pretty colours he gazes daily, thinking he understands his computer, but what is behind it all, what makes it “breath” and how it “breaths”, from the LED’s to the beeps, to the data rushing in and through its lines and how it arrives and is received. With the invasion of the network systems in almost every domain of our livelihood, cyber security is of paramount importance. Repertus brings you an opportunity to be an ethical hacker and help the society by securing sites and data of national importance. We provides you a chance to have hands on hacking sessions and many more.