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THe world is not dangerous of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.
Its time to work for others and in being selfless.

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We are working for the society no matter that our contribution is small but the wave has risen.


Safai >> Swachata Abhiyan For Adorable India

The team of REPERTUS 2K16 successfully organized SAFAI (Swachata Abhiyan For Adorable India) on December 20th, 2015 which was one of the many initiatives taken by REPERTUS 2K16 in order to bring a change in the society and to make it safer, greener and hygienic for the citizens . With the rise of sun on 20th December, thousands of inhabitants around Maninagar Railway and BRTS Station evidenced the campaign which involved hundreds of student that cleaned litter and filthy roads, distributed pamphlets and above all created mass awareness and thereby achieved the targeted goals. The initiative had been impossible without the support of AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) and Yuva Unstoppable, an esteemed Non-Government Organization.

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AID >> Assembly Impugning Denutrizione

As narrated, there is always an eternal feelings and happiness that help us to do something important and something valuable to the society. AID emphasized on the rally of eradication of malnutrition from our country. The rally proceeded from Gandhi Ashram at around 9:30 am with the youth and young force of 150+ students along with the spiritual help of Jeevan Tirth NGO. The rally route was Gandhi Ashram – Nava Vadaj – Juna Vadaj – Ramapir Tekra. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave their valuable support by assigning a medical mobile van that accompanied along with the rally. This mobile medical van aimed at giving a free check-up to the small children of slum areas that passed on the route of Ramapir Tekra. A special vote of thanks to the skating team that encouraged the rally and they made themselves a part of this rally. Also a very trustful and humanitarian support from the medical students of BJ Medical college during the free check-up camp being held at Ramapir Tekra for children and for old age people. With immense pleasure and gratitude we are happy to announce that Repertus in collaboration with Jeevantirth and a team of Doctors has treated around 150 children and gave them food to eat and taught them to have an adequate diet and not be a victim of malnutrition. Around 100 old aged person had their check-up and also they were handed with a healthy food packet. The camp timing was 9:30 am and it ended at 1:00 am. Also an awareness programs were carried out throughout the rally to the one who were not aware about the dreadful causes of Malnutrition. The medical camp and the rally ended with the blessings from the mighty and innocent souls of children by making it a huge success.

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Fund raising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources by requesting donations from individuals, business, charitable foundations or government organisations etc. For the first time Repertus 2K16 took the responsibility in organizing the fund raising event for charity organisation .The money that will be mustered through entry tickets in attending sternights’ll be allocated to the charity organisation. Those who will donate the funds will be given badges that is specially designed by the Repurtus 2K16.

“The Repertus heartily welcomes all the people & the sponsors who are engrossed to be in the part of fund raising event.

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