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“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.-Francis of Assisi
IITRAM presents its first Techno-cultural festival REPERTUS 2K16, which embarks the dawn of a new era, towards the growth and development of the Institution. The word “REPERTUS” is derived from Latin, which means ‘invented’. The best way to predict the future is to create it. REPERTUS aims to expose the young generation of India to the factual world, where they can analyze their potential by participating in healthy competitions, enlighten themselves with the thoughts of various dignified personalities and experience immense pleasure while celebrating the fest.

The world today is not as it used to be few decades back. Imagine a city you know. How easy is it to drive there and find a parking space? Is the shopping district crowded; is it even safe to ride a bike? With this rapid growth ahead of us, imagine if our cities could talk—if they could give us live status updates on traffic patterns, pollution, parking spaces, water, power and light. Imagine the flexibility and sophistication that it will provide to present scenario. But what does it actually mean to live in a city overtaken by technology? REPERTUS is all set to wipe out your traditional and conservative intent and make you a “SMART” buff

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We brought for you a multi level entertainment
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A healthy competition is never a bad idea.


Guest Lecture Series.
Meet these influential personalities.


We believe that the secret of getting ahead is getting started and keeping that in mind, IdExpo is being organized. Repertus, in association with Department of Science and Technology (DST, Gujarat), has initiated this mission to encourage and disseminate knowledge about startup-initiation, entrepreneurial and management skills.

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We have taken a pioneering step towards development. We will set up an open platform for ideas via a panel discussion on the theme ‘Smart Cities’. Leading personalities from varied professions would be welcomed, along with other invitees in addition to faculties, PhD’s, PG’s & UG’s, in the discussion to sprout & search for intriguing ideas & suggestions to undertake under the theme. This discussion would be conducted in four parts targeting different aspects of the theme.

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