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Here Darwin's theory appears to be valid, SURVIVAL of the Fittest.

Do Your Homework

A well prepared team, never fears the journey.

Fight for it

Show the innovator in you.

Death RaceYes, You read that right!

The race to death. Where only one winner survives at the end. And wait for the Surprise.

CodeSprintThe classic hackathon.

Fight to show, who's the best in solving some REAL problems.

Web PanacheA Website Designing Competition.

This is where your designing skills come handy. Show them how creative you are.

ContraptionIt's all about Newton's Laws

Now, thats something you had to work on, really HARD.

Bridge D CA Bridge to heaven.

Join the hills, or you may never see whats on the other end.

GreenovateFor the Environment.

A green approach, towards everything you can think of.


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